Friday, 14 April 2017

Pink and Gold

Hiya everyone, hope you are all well today I bring you a Pink and Gold design on long pointed nails. I have been using glue on nails recently as my nails are resting up and trying to grow, they have been peeling and breaking so much lately so as soon as they start to grow I will be painting those again

Items I used were:
P.S. Primark - Candy Pink
P.S. Primark - Metals - Gravity
Gold Chrome Powder (ebay)
Temp Tattoos from Poundworld
Pink Neon Studs from Poundland
No Wipe Top Coat from Born Pretty Store
Cured under LED lamp Melody Susie

I started off with painting my thumb and ring finger in  two coats of Candy Pink from Primark, Pointer, Middle and Pinkie I painted with  tow coats Primark Metals collection - Gravity, I used a no wipe topcoat and added gold chrome powder on top, then cured with topcoat, added the temp tattoos to ring finger and thumb and finally added topcoat to seal it all in.

Thanks for looking at my design today
Happy Polishing

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