Thursday, 13 April 2017

Blue Elegance Most Sinful

Hiya everyone I have been getting this blog back up to date so I appologise in advance for the late posts. This design I posted to Instagram as I have been able to upload a lot easier to there then on here after not having a PC for a while.

Items I used were:
P.S. Primark - Ice Queen White Pointed Nails
Sinful Colors - Most Sinful
Large Gems - Revlon (designed for eyes)
Smaller Gems and Caviar Beads from Poundland
Seal Top Coat from Born Pretty Store
Cured in LED lamp

I started off with white pointed nails and painted all of them with Sinful colors most sinful this is an absolutely gorgeous colour and I feel in love with it as soon as I seen it, very rich and elegant. This would be a good one coater but I decided on two which had a great formula and dried very fast too. I then added the gems with nail glue along with the caviar beds and finally adding a topcoat of gel from born pretty store.

I hope you liked my design 
Happy Polishing

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