Friday, 14 April 2017

Pink and Gold

Hiya everyone, hope you are all well today I bring you a Pink and Gold design on long pointed nails. I have been using glue on nails recently as my nails are resting up and trying to grow, they have been peeling and breaking so much lately so as soon as they start to grow I will be painting those again

Items I used were:
P.S. Primark - Candy Pink
P.S. Primark - Metals - Gravity
Gold Chrome Powder (ebay)
Temp Tattoos from Poundworld
Pink Neon Studs from Poundland
No Wipe Top Coat from Born Pretty Store
Cured under LED lamp Melody Susie

I started off with painting my thumb and ring finger in  two coats of Candy Pink from Primark, Pointer, Middle and Pinkie I painted with  tow coats Primark Metals collection - Gravity, I used a no wipe topcoat and added gold chrome powder on top, then cured with topcoat, added the temp tattoos to ring finger and thumb and finally added topcoat to seal it all in.

Thanks for looking at my design today
Happy Polishing

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Blue Elegance Most Sinful

Hiya everyone I have been getting this blog back up to date so I appologise in advance for the late posts. This design I posted to Instagram as I have been able to upload a lot easier to there then on here after not having a PC for a while.

Items I used were:
P.S. Primark - Ice Queen White Pointed Nails
Sinful Colors - Most Sinful
Large Gems - Revlon (designed for eyes)
Smaller Gems and Caviar Beads from Poundland
Seal Top Coat from Born Pretty Store
Cured in LED lamp

I started off with white pointed nails and painted all of them with Sinful colors most sinful this is an absolutely gorgeous colour and I feel in love with it as soon as I seen it, very rich and elegant. This would be a good one coater but I decided on two which had a great formula and dried very fast too. I then added the gems with nail glue along with the caviar beds and finally adding a topcoat of gel from born pretty store.

I hope you liked my design 
Happy Polishing

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Late Posts: St. Patricks Day Nails

Hiya, it seems that lately posting on here has been a bit late recently. I am now able to post more frequently as I now have my computer back up and running. I have missed it so much I even downloaded an app for blogger on my mobile which just drove me so crazy. So here are my St. Patrick's days nails that should have been posted on here.

I posted this on Instagram as this has been my go to app for uploading whilst my computer wasn't up and running. Therefore I appologise. Anyways for this design I used:

Sinful Colors - Pine Away
W7 - Gold Mirror
P.S. Primark - Twilight 
P.S. Primark - Ice Queen Pointed White Nails
Gold Decals from Poundland
Seal Top Coat from Born Pretty Store
Stamped Shamrock/Clover using plate from Ebay
Star Studs from Ebay
Cured using Melody Susie LED lamp

I painted the pointer and pinkie nails with Pine Away (sinful colours), did a gradient of pine away and gold mirror (W7) on the middle finger, finally painted the ring and thumb with W7 -Gold Mirror. Applied the gold decals onto the pointer and pinkie, stamped using P.S. Primark Twilight black nail poilish, applied with nail glue 4 green stars onto thumb and ring finger. Finally I cured it all with my LED gel lamp from Melody Susie.

I hope you all like my nail design
Happy Polishing