Monday, 13 March 2017

Collab for Endometriosis

Hi everyone I joined in on a collab recently for the awareness and support of Endometriosis I myself have suffered from this but as I have gotten older I don't as much luckily but there are people out there that suffer with the numerous symptoms everyday.

Here is my collab with all the people that participated

Used Revlon Sunlit Grass love the scent of it, Sally Hansen white tip, and Miss Beauty Uk in black

Here are the ladies from Instagram that joined in on the Collab as well go check out their pages as well for lovely nail arts.



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Happy Polishing
Sazjay xx

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Eye Candy London - Liquid Gold

Eye Candy London ColourFlip - Liquid Gold is a bronze/gold/teal/green colour flip, this took 4 coats for full opacity, has a thin brush which was very precise easy application but colour flip isn't spectacular still love the polish though, had strange looks as I waved my hand around to catch the colour flip to teal 😁❤😃

I used an image from plates I got from Ebay I will have to look up the plate number I've packed alot of things away recently.

Anyways hope you all like it and I hope to be updating the blog more often

Thanks for looking and Happy Polishing

Feb Challenge Late post Glam Nails Challenge

Here are the nail arts I did for this challenge I didn't manage to do them all but when I try another challenge I am gonna do them all.:

I have uploaded these to my instagram (here)
I hope you all like them and I hope to get back into using my blog I've not had a computer in ages to upload and mobile is a pain, but well enough ranting ;0) at least I can upload now and thats all that matters

Thanks and I hope you like my nail arts 

Happy Polishing 
SazJay xx